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Customer Reviews of the 24th Street Cafe

Customer Reviews of the 24th Street Cafe

24th Street Cafe in Bakersfield has the best and most loyal customers. They love the food and the service at this very popular downtown Bakersfield restaurant. Serving breakfast and lunch 7 days a week from 6:00am to 2:30pm.

Mark Huggs has over the years turned 24th Street Cafe into the premier breakfast and lunch spot in Bakersfield. Located at 1415 24th Street and close to downtown and the Kern County courts and to the Rabobank arena and theatre venue, it is the place where you see business people, locals, and people from all over the world who find the best place to eat in downtown Bakersfield.

Known for a menu that is continually changing and adding daily and monthly specials from sources like the food channel and food network, magazines such as: Saveur, Bon appetit, Cooking, and from famous chefs and foodies like: Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and Anthony Bourdain. If you live in Bakersfield, or if you are just visiting, discover 24th Street Cafe, it will become a place you will always Go Back!

24th Street Cafe also has entertainment on the front patio by the great Patterson Family Band, Bakersfield is well known worldwide for 2 country music legends Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and also the home of The Bakersfield Sound, 24th Street Cafe is a legend in itself with incomparable food and value, next time in Bakersfield and you are ready for some great food and service, stop in at 1415 24th Street and make a new friend for life!



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