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Jeff Andrew of Cushman Wakefield Pacific Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Jeff Andrew of Cushman Wakefield Pacific Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Cushman & Wakefield Pacific Commercial Realty is Booming in Bakersfield, CA with many huge transactions in the past year. Jeff Andrew and his team just completed another monumental significant investment sale in Bakersfield. Jeff Andrew along with his associates were hired by Castle & Cooke to jointly sell their 213,000 square foot office building under a long term single tenant lease to AERA Energy. The team took the property to the market and through an extensive marketing process were able to generate multiple offers. The property just closed and was purchased by Roll Properties.

Jeff Andrew and his team have been busy in the Boom town of California and the entire United States, and that Booming city is Bakersfield, California. Bakersfield with it’s diversified economy of Agriculture, Oil, Energy, Manufacturing and Ranching has become a hotbed for Real Estate investing, sales, and leasing opportunities.

If you are interested in selling a property or looking to purchase a property, Jeff Andrew and his team at Cushman & Wakefield / Pacific Commercial Real Estate & Realty  Advisors would be happy to meet with you and discuss the process.

Bakersfield’s economic recovery has attracted the attention of state and national media, and has been in the news often over the last six months.  Just recently it was reported that Kern County ranks first in California in personal income growth over the last decade (see the Business Journal blog, On Numbers, Jan. 23, 2013)  Kern’s gain was 75%.  LA’s?  39%.  San Franscisco’s?  36%. Bakersfield was once solely known for Buck Owens, Merle Hagagard, and The Bakersfield Sound. The city that Buck Owens put on the map is know known for it’s Booming economy and vast Real Estate opportunities.

Call Jeff Andrew at (661) 633-3827 and you can email him at :

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