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The Best Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning in Bakersfield

The Best Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning in Bakersfield

The Best Pool Company in Bakersfield


Ariey Pool Company is the best company in Bakersfield for swimming pool tile cleaning and high pressure bead blasting. Ed and Jon Ariey have been the best pool company in Bakersfield since 1964, Ariey Pools is the oldest pool company in town. Pool repairs, new construction, remodels, filters, pumps, time clocks, spas, filtration systems, and so much more.

Ariey’s comprehensive pool [and spa] care programs are affordable and effortless for you. We customize according to your needs [and lifestyle], based on these service options:

Pool Resurfacing
Using a method that will keep costs down, yet make the pool sparkle as new

Cleaning service
Physical cleaning and sanitation that includes leaf and debris removal, as well as vacuuming and brushing

Equipment and pool surface inspection and repair
Inspection repair and replacement of pool systems and components to ensure proper operation
Leak detection and repair
Plumbing repair
Crack stabilization and repair
Acid washing/chlorine washing

Equipment upgrades
Pool system analysis for the addition of accessories, as well as upgrades to improve efficiency or to comply with changing health and safety codes

Opening and closing operations
Seasonal service designed to properly prepare your pool for summer enjoyment or winter closure

Homeowners associations
We specialize in maintaining large commercials pools, fountains, and spas

Salt systems
Maintenance of mineral-based or salt water pools and purification systems

Anti-bacterial filtration systems
Maintenance of systems with natural, bacteria-free filtration

Spa service
Sanitation and maintenance of your spa’s water quality and system components

Call Jon Ariey, at Ariey Pool Company: (661) 203-8418

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